Sunday, December 3, 2023
Lander Lil by Jean (Mathisen) Haugen as she sits in the park adjacent to the Lander Post Office, a former prairie dog colony.

Six More Weeks of Winter – prediction from “Lander Lil”

Yep, it was sunny this morning, and you know what that means on Ground Hog Day. Lander historian and published poet Jean (Mathisen) Haugen put the day in perspective


By Jean (Mathisen) Haugen

Today folks are speculating
about Puxutawny Phil,
the well known groundhog,
but out here we have Lander Lil.
Lander Lil is a prairie dog–
we used to have them in town
and 36 years ago she showed up
to forecast the weather on down
to let us know if winter
or spring will soon show.
But here in old Wyoming,
We can usually bet it will be snow!
We even have a Winter Warning
posted through the 2nd and into Tuesday,
but says it will be sunny Sunday moring
so she’ll see her shadow that way.
She is a western character,
even wears a cowboy hat,
chirps with a Wyoming drawl
to warn of this and that.
Well, whatever she says,
we’re gathering more wood in
and piling hay on the sleigh,
and that prairie dog’s gonna’ grin.
Spring doesn’t show until May most years,
mostly much around here–
so who know what prognosticating
prairie dog will have to say this year!

Jean “Anon E. Moose” Haugen 02-02-2020