Friday, December 1, 2023
Real estate for sale.

Fremont County Real Estate Still Moving, Just Slower

With the coming winter season about to hit, real estate sales in Fremont County have slowed just a bit.  “The real estate market is slower than usual, but it’s stable,” said Wind River Realty’s Olivia Prince on WyoToday Radio’s Let’s Talk program Thursday morning. “This is the  time of year we typically see a slowdown, from October through February before it picks up again in the spring.  The market has changed this year, though, as sellers cannot be as aggressive or forward as in the past unless they want to have their home on the market for a long time,” she said.

Over in Lander, there is inventory available, but mostly over $500,000. “They have 17 properties for sale over $500K. That’s a good amount of inventory to be in that bracket. Riverton also has some higher priced homes, but its a lot smaller buyer pool.”

Olivia Prince

In terms of inventory, Prince said there are 52 active listings in Riverton, with 22 homes of those under $300,000. “We do have quite a few commercial properties available, and those move slower that residential properties. But it’s a great time to get into that market if you’re thinking of getting into a business.”

Prince again said first impressions are everything when someone is trying to sell a property. “We should be promoting our community for tourism or for people moving here and growing our business community, so it’s not good to have a run-down look, people should take care of their properties.”

The key item for a successful sale is to have the pricing right, she noted.